About David’s Gift

David’s Gift Scholarship Foundation was founded in February, 2015, in memory of beloved coach, teacher, husband, son and brother, David DeOliveira who tragically succumbed to brain cancer in 2011. It is an academic foundation dedicated to helping deserving high school seniors with financial needs from East Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, by providing them with scholarships to continue their educations beyond high school. The intention is to help these deserving scholars achieve their career goals, an objective with the added benefit of bettering the community at large.

Link: Family Establishes Scholarship Fund in Honor of Late Newark High School Teacher

Board of Trustees

At the heart of all good, non-profit organizations is their Board of Trustees. David’s Gift Scholarship Foundation is blessed to have a wonderful group of dedicated individuals serving on our Board. Each of them gives their time, talent and/or treasure to ensure that David’s Gift Scholarship fund flourishes and continues to take a leadership role in providing scholarships that enhance our scholar’s higher education experience.


Christina DeOliveira

Luis Henriques
Vice President

Elle Demetriou
Director of Fundraising & Social Events

Ricky Duraes
Director of Marketing & Public Relations



Advisory Board (David’s All Stars)

Ursula Tiago
Raisa Silva
Barbara Perru
Kiara Martinez
Marisol Garcia
Gabriella Be
Nilmara Zanette
Evelyn Ferreira
Brunna Silva
Talhyss Oliveira
Chris Vidal
Daniel Fabri
Kayron O. Salvador
Maikon Vieira
Welington Perez
Bobby Vera